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Past Interviews & Events

April 2022

04/07/22 Jordan Sather Addressing Anti-Devolution Arguments w/ Patel Patriot

04/07/22 Redpill Project Ep 343 | Devolution – Patriots In Control w/Patel Patriot | Daily Dose

04/06/22 Devolution Power Hour – Episode 51 w/ Patrick gunnels

04/06/22 Patel Patriot on John Matland Show

04/01/22 Sean Morgan Transnational Criminal Network with Patel Patriot and Jim Cutler – MSOM Ep. 468

March 2022

03/30/22 Dr. Jason Dean on BraveTV: Devolution Part 19 with Patel Patriot

03/26/22 Devolution Power Hour Patrick Gunnels joins

03/25/22 intheMatrixxx and ShadyGrooove MG Show  A Conversation with Patel Patriot & Devolution

03/19/22 Devolution Power Hour w/Patrick Gunnells- Traditional Q&A

03/18/22 Sean Morgan Connecting The Dots On Devolution with Alpha Warrior and Patel Patriot – MSOM Ep. 459

03/17/22 Devolution Power Hourw/Patrick Gunnels discussing latest news through “Lens of Devolution”

03/16/22 TKA Live with Patel Patriot!Topic: parasite cleanses

03/13/22 Devolution Power Hour w/pgunnels

03/11/22 Sean Morgan UN Security Council Revelations With Patel Patriot – MSOM Ep. 454

03/09/22 Devolution Power Hour – Cliff High Interview

03/08/22 Jordan Sather Weekly Chat w/ Patel – The REAL Story on Ukraine & Russia + Truth Social Will DESTROY Big Tech

03/04/22 Sean Morgan Resisting Ukrainian Propaganda with Patel Patriot and Kate Awakening – – MSOM Ep. 449

February 2022

02/26/22 Redpill78 The Liberty Den on Sat. Night Livestream

02/26/22 Devolution Power Hour – Russia Russia Russia w/pgunnels

02/25/22 Sean Morgan Trump’s Ukrainian Strategy with Patel Patriot | MSOM Ep. 444

02/24/22 TRUreporting Live: with Special Guest Patel Patriot!

02/24/22 Dr. Jason Dean Patel Patriot & Devolution Revisited!

02/24/22 Devolution Power Hour – Interview with Fat Tails

02/23/22  Devolution Power Hour With Patrick Gunnels: Durham and Devolution Continues

02/19/2022 X22 Report Patel Patriot – Everything Is Timed, Military Planning, Trump Will Most Likely Return Before 2024

02/19/2022 Devolution Power Hour – With Patrick Gunnels

02/18/22 Sean Morgan Justice Is Coming for Hilary with Patel Patriot and Paul Furber | MSOM Ep. 441

02/18/2022 The Liberty Den – Beer at the Parade, The Kate Awakening and Patel Patriot Special Guest: Gunf46

02/17/22 pgunnels New Prussiagate! Patel Patriot Joins!

02/15/2022 The AlphaWarrior Show Episode#24- DEVOLUTION Part II Special Guest PATEL PATRIOT

02/14/2022 Health Ranger Report with Mike Adams ft. Patel Patriot

02/13/22 Devolution Power Hour – Special Guest The Kate Awakening

02/11/22 The Liberty Den – w/ Special Guest Zak Paine “Redpill 78”

02/11/22 Sean Morgan Devolution and National Security Instruments with Patel Patriot

02/07/22 pgunnels Rich Higgins Memo – Patel Patriot Joins!

02/04/22 Sean Morgan Devolution Part 16 with Patel Patriot | MSOM Ep. 431

02/04/22 intheMatrixxx and ShadyGrooove MG Show Special Guest: Patel Patriot

January 2022

01/27/22 Patel Patriot Interviews Clif High

01/26/22 Devolution Power Hour – Interview with “Fat Tails”

01/24/22 Patriots In Progress: Devolution Deep Dive w/ Patel Patriot Part 3 parts 9-12

01/20/22 Sean Morgan Patriots Are Winning with Patel Patriot | MSOM Ep. 421

01/20/22 Patel Patriot interviews IET17 on the LOW Manual & More

01/20/22 Man In America DEVOLUTION: China & Operation Warp Speed

01/17/22 Patriots In Progress: Devolution Deep Dive w/ Patel Patriot Part 2, devolution parts 5-8
01/14/22 Devolution Power Hour Interview with David Nino Rodriguez

01/13/22 Jordan Sather Weekly Debrief w/ Patel P – Pizzagate, Andrew’s Trial, Veritas Exposing Fauci & DARPA, TRUTH Social

01/11/22 Patriots In Progress Podcast: Devolution Deep Dive w/ Patel Patriot Part 1, devolution parts 1-4

01/11/22 Steel Truth Media Anne Vandersteel  DEVOLUTION PART 15: VACCINE BEWILDERMENT

01/05/22 Dr. Jason Dean BraveTV Patel Patriot Drops Devolution BOMBS

December 2021

12/31/21 Sean Morgan Trump’s Vaccine Strategy with Patel Patriot | MSOM Ep. 407 

12/28/21 Devolution Power Hour – Clif High Interview

12/22/21 Devolution Power Hour Interview w/ GMONEY on Bitcoin and Crypto

12/22/21 Tara Crete Patel Patriot~ Devolution: What is REALLY going on! 

12/21/21 Steel Truth Media Anne Vandersteel DEVOLUTION – WILL WE RECAPTURE OUR REPUBLIC?

12/20/21 Patel Patriot interviews Slag, the author of “The Wartime Presidency”

12/18/21 Beer at the Parade, The Kate Awakening & Patel Patriot

12/10/21 David Nino Rodriguez Patel Patriot- Trump’s Shadow Government-Devolution

12/8/21 The Grey Matters Show DEVOLUTION: With Special Guest Patel Patriot Ep. 12

12/04/2021 Devolution Power Hour Interview with LTC Steve Murray

12/03/21 Devolution Fridays w/Sean Morgan – Patel Patriot on Upcoming Bombshells | MSOM Ep. 388

November 2021

​11/26/21 The Lindell Operation with Patel Patriot – MSOM Ep. 383

11/26/21 Truth and Art TV special topic. Part 1 of my interview with Patel Patriot (recorded 11-17-21)​

11/23/21 Jordan Sather, Weekly Debrief w/ Patel P. – Lindell’s Election Lawsuit, Ghislaine Court Case, & Biden’s Oil Blitz

11/19/21 Sean Morgan – Patel Patriot On The Public Awakening Strategy​

11/18/21 Man in America – Part IV: Has Trump Lost Control? (Devolution)
08/05/21 – Part I: Did Trump Ever Truly Leave Office?
08/12/21 – Part II: Did Trump Ever Truly Leave Office? (Devolution Series)
09/02/21 – Part III: Is There REALLY a Plan? (Devolution)

11/16/21 Alfredo Luna on The AlphaWarrior Show

11/16/21 Scott Mckay on Patriot Streetfighter Show

11/16/21 CWConnect with Cirsten W​

11/15/21 Jordan Sather, Weekly Debrief w/ Patel Patriot – Durham, Ghislaine, Latest Election Fraud, Mike Lindell

11/15/21 Devolution With Patel Patriot On The Fringe

11/14/21 Digital Soldier Roundtable

11/08/21 Uncensored Abe – Patel Patriot Uncensored

11/06/21 David “Nino” Rodriguez

11/05/21 Sean Morgan – Devolution Part 13, Trump’s Shadow Government with Patel Patriot

11/02/21 David Rodriguez

October 2021

10/29/21 Sean Morgan: Indicators of “The Plan” with Bernie Suarez and Patel Patriot

10/24/21 Chris Paul: Reasonable Conversation – Patel Patriot (Part 1)—Patel-Patriot-Part-1-e1985am/a-a1r358f

​10/15/21 Sean Morgan – Playing The Trump Card Ft. Patel Patriot

​10/15/21 X22 w/ Patel Patriot – The Stage Is Set, In The End The [DS] Will Cease To Exist

10/12/21 Jordan Sather Weekly Debrief w/ Patel Patriot
George Soros Color Revolution, Durham, Audit, Supply Shock

​10/08/21 Sean Morgan “4 Stages of Color Revolution”

10/7/21 Devolution 12 Discussion with Patrick Gunnels

10/04/21 Sean Morgan “Devolution Command Structure & Mission Essential Functions”

September 2021

09/28/21  Jordan Sather Weekly Roundup w/ Patel Patriot  AZ Audit, Durham, Mark Milley, Trump & Vaccines 

09/24/21 Sean Morgan “Patel Patriot On The Arizona Audit Marker

09/20/21 Patrick Gunnels RET discussing part 11 and Sussmann indictment, etc.–Special-Guest-Patel-Patriot!:c

09/18/21 Devolution Friday w/Sean Morgan

09/17/21 Jordan Sather “Devolution” with Patel Patriot

09/10/21 Sean Morgan Devolution Friday “MSOM with Patel Patriot: The Redpilling of America Accelerates” 

09/08/21 Coffee Talk with Sandra 

09/03/21 Sean Morgan “Patel Patriot: This Is Why Devolution Had To Happen” 

09/02/21 Man In America 

August 2021

08/27/21 (Not an interview with Patel but helpful) Sean Morgan “Devolution Is the Framework We’ve Been Waiting For” 

08/27/21 Matrixxx/Grooove show 

08/25/21 Sean Morgan “Devolution Is Real: Patel Patriot Brings The Receipts” 

08/12/21 (Not an interview with Patel but helpful) Man In America covers Devolution – Parts 5-8: 

08/10/21 Chris Paul Interview 

08/08/21 RedPill78 Live Interview 

08/05/21 Man in America – Part I: Did Trump Ever Truly Leave Office?

08/02/21 RET with Patrick Gunnels!:6

July 2021